CNC Manufacturing Services

Following the extension of the machinery and increase of the production capacity, KalibrGun now offers its customers a new spectrum of services:

#1 CNC turning of batch, small-batch and custom products

CNC Turning has the capacity to execute orders of almost any difficulty, including non-typical orders according to clients’ blueprints. Full automation of the process leaves almost no room for error, lowering the percentage of defects. CNC turning allows the production of identical parts in large volumes. All custom details are produced with maximum precision. As a result of the full automation of the manufacturing cycle, the process itself is more efficient in terms of both quality and price.

#2 CNC milling (utilizing up to 5 axes)

In most cases, milling is the best type of metal processing, even with the rapid development of alternative methods such as the utilization of laser and plasma. Milling allows for the production of complex details with a minimal margin of error.

#3 Abrasive blasting or Sandblasting

Sandblasting is the most efficient method of metal preparation for further finishing. After the procedure, the surface of a metal is roughened and ready for further appliances of coating (anti-corrosion, decorative, etc.). The degree of surface roughness depends on the used abrasive and equipment configuration.

#4 Black oxide coating & Anodizing

Electroplated finishing may be utilized for different purposes. In most cases, it aims to increase resistance to further corrosion and may as well be used for decorative purposes.

#5 EDM cutting

EDM significantly reduces the number of operations in the manufacturing cycle and sets up production of higher complexity details, which cannot otherwise be produced even with modern mechanized machinery. Produced details do not require additional finishing, since the material retains all its properties regardless of its thickness. The precision of EDM manufacturing is 1,5-2 times higher compared to traditional mechanized methods of production.

#6 Laser engraving of both organic & artificial materials

The engraving is an effective and durable tool to highlight the specifications and purposes of the product. Our CO2 and solid-state lasers make it possible to engrave a wide range of products consisting of different materials.

#7 CNC wood cutting

The cutting is performed by a modern CNC machine. This type of equipment allows for time-efficient execution of a task of any complexity, such as the production of variously-shaped workpieces with an accurate showcase even of the most creative layouts.

#8 CKD assembly

The assembly is performed by experienced professionals. All elements are examined beforehand, and the construction is executed in strict accordance with flow process charts.

#9 CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

We offer to perform a high-precision measurement of prefabricated elements using advanced CMM for compliance with the production documents.

#10 3D layout printing

We offer 2 types of printers:

  • Photopolymer, which is most suitable for high-precision printing of models (figures, miniatures, etc.);
  • FDM printer, which is best for the printing of small items, like gears, cases, etc. The models are printed by means of layer-by-layer plastic fusing.
#11 Technical consultation

We provide our customers with technical advice regarding product design and manufacturing, including compatibility tests of individual assembly components and preparation of product documentation.

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