New KalibrGun air rifle CRICKET II

First CRICKETS saw the world in 2006 and since then, they gained huge popularity due to exceptional accuracy, reliability and easy maintenance. These air guns have it’s own spirit and unite whole generations of satisfied followers all over the globe.

With CRICKET II release, legendary bullpups will become more suitable, more reliable and wannable.

New KalibrGun CRICKET II will be featured with new switchable(left/right) sidelever cocking system, new comfortable WSA wooden stock and wooden cheek part, custom CZ/LW barrel, adjustable trigger, adjustable power and high accuracy as it is supposed to be.

The CRICKET II will be available in 4.5 (.177), 5.5(.22), 6.35 (.25) 7.62 (.30) calibers and in WB, PLB, WST, WSA stocks. By now the gun is being stocked along with new ARGUS 45 W and is already open for dealers pre-orders.

For detailed information, please visit catalogue page

Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

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